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Oils for Sensual massage.

Sensual massage recommended oils. When Choosing essential oils for sensual massage the most important consideration is personal taste. The massage will not be a pleasurable experience if the person giving or receiving it finds the blend of oils disagreeable. This is a time when both partners should allow an intuitive choice to guide them towards a blend of oils that they find most appealing.

There are, however, a few oils that seem to have a universal appeal: jasmine, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. These oils are the embodiment of luxury and are indeed some of the most precious. They have a warming and enveloping quality, freeing the mind of the mundance and opening it to the exotic and romantic. To spice and stimulation to your chosen blend, add either black pepper or frankincense.

Anise has the smell of licorice, incites sex a favorite of both men and women

Cardamom is blended with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black paper and carnations for a classic Indian and Arab aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon one of the most popular spices worldwide. Rated high in the studies on sexual scent preferences for both men and women.

Clove bud is regarded as a sexual stimulant by the Egyptians, Persians and Europeans.

Coriander is the aphrodisiac of the Middle East. It flavored a popular drink of the Middle Ages called Hippocras that was drunk at weddings to inspire love and sex.

Ginger was for "burning desire", according to Persian physician Avicenna.

Jasmine is called "Queen of the Night" because that's when it releases it fragrance. As a symbol of both sex and love, it's also associated with passions that released at night.

Myrrh has a musky scent with a chemical structure similar to testosterone. It's worn in the Middle East for both spiritual and sexual inspiration.

Nutmeg is favored by Chinese as aphrodisiac.

Neroli (Orange blossom) is a main ingredient in the popular perfumes.

Patchouli has deep scent that is said to overcome inhibitions.

Rose is one of the most important fragrances to inspire love as well as sex in different cultures.

Sandalwood is very close to human personal scent.

Vanilla is indigenous to the Americans where Native Americans consider it an aphrodisiac ad often mix it with chocolate.

Ylang Ylang, a sweet-scenting euphoric sometimes described as intoxicating, is used to treat impotency and frigidity.

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