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Essential Oils
Essential oils, or 'essences' as they are also called, are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of aromatic plants and trees. They are usually captured by steam distillation, a process whose origins can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils, such as corn and olive, plant essences are highly volatile and will evaporate if left in the open air. The chemistry of essential oils is complex. Most consist of hundreds of components, such as terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes, and esters. For this reason a single oil can help a wide variety of disorders. Lavender, for instance, is endowed with antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties. Moreover, due to their tiny molecular structure, essential oils applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. (complete list)
Absolutes are extracted from a concrete using pure alcohol or liquid carbon dioxide. Absolutes are highly concentrated, generally thick liquids. Some are solid or semi solid. The carbon dioxide method of extraction is preferred for therapeutic absolutes, as even after evaporation some absolutes still retain traces of alcohol. Solvent extraction provides a means of obtaining a higher volatile yield from the plant or, in some cases, a product that cannot be obtained by other extraction processes, e.g. Jasmin or Carnation (complete table)
Fixed oils and butters
Base, or Carrier /Fixed Oils are vegetable, nut or seed Oils, which has to be used to dilute the Essential Oil (s). These Oils themselves have therapeutic Properties and presents a good source of Nutrients and Energy (complete table)
CO2 extracts
Solvent extracted products where as solvent used Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Fragrance Oils
Fragrance Oils normally are made up of a number of synthetic imitations of essential oils and smell like a flower, plant etc. Fragrance oils should never be taken internally. Keep these oils out of reach of children and pets. (complete list)
Resins and Balsams
Resins and Balsams
Wax and floral Wax
Wax and floral Wax
Floral Waters - Distillates
Floral Waters, also known as Hydrolats or Hydrosols, are waters that come from steam distilling botanicals
natural Concretes
natural aromatherapy Concretes
Attars India
Attars India
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