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Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils

buy organic certified essential oilsThe term "organic" is often used to describe a particular method of growing plants. Although the term has become familiar, and certainly very popular, most people only have a vague idea of its meaning and range. Organic farming can briefly be described as using methods of crop , natural systems, sustain and build soil fertility, minimize pollution and damage to the environment. The use of agrochemical pesticides, weed killers, synthetic fertilizer and ionization for extending the products shelf life is prohibited. Organic farming pursues a number of aims such as the production of quality agricultural products which contain no chemical residues, do not pollute the soil and groundwater with pesticides and make full use of natural, local and renewable resources. During the last few years a dedicated team has been created to produce novel, high-quality, organically grown medicinal and aromatic plants for the production of essential oils. Many scientists have relocated to the farms where the farmers have provided space in redundant buildings for elaborate equipment to measure and monitor their essential oils they produce (via Gas Chromatography, GC).

Organic Certification: Professional Standards

Organic farming is a carefully devised system of food production defined by EU law and is based on the following principles:

  • Building soil fertility;
  • Minimal use of non-renewable resources (no chemicals);
  • Minimize pollution and damage to the environment;
  • Working with, not against, natural systems;
  • Respect for animal welfare;
  • Minimal processing or additives

Organic farming is governed by EEC Regulation No. 2092/91, which defines the basic standards of roduction and processing and the requirements for control and policing. The statutory requirements are:

  • Two-year conversion period prior to full organic status is achieved;
  • Adequate physical and financial separation of organic and non-organic units under the same management;
  • Application to, inspection by, and certification with, an approved independent inspection body;
  • Maintenance of adequate records to demonstrate compliance with the standards;
  • Annual monitoring and inspection by the approved certification body;
  • Strict requirements for labeling and for the use of additives and processing aids

Organic Essential Oils from "." corresponding to all mentioned requirements and to international ECOCERT Standards. Our Organic Essential Oils are grown on one of the well known Organic Farms and defined by European specifications with following approval of Independent control body, which certifies all the production stages and regularly testing soil and plants. Moreover, the production methods, stock movements, the transformation procedure is under complete Control. Many aroma therapists have been appraising our Organic Essential Oils including the use of organoleptic techniques (taste and smell). Each Oil have Complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) with detailed chemical specification, which is performed using Gas chromatography/Mass spectroscopy, provided by the on-farm chemical research laboratory. We committed to distribute these new, high-value Certified Organic Essential Oils to achieve maximum quality and for the consumer, as well as providing an excellent healthy value-for-money product.

To order Organic essential oils, please send an e-mail with the name and amount of the product you are interested in to info@pureessentialoils.com

Basil, Tropical Madagascar Org 
Bergamot Italy Org 
Chamomile German France Org 
Chamomile Roman France/Italy Org
Catnip Lemon France Org
Cedarwood France Org
Cinnamon Bark Sri Lanka Org
Citronella Sri Lanka Org
Clove Bud Madagascar Org
Coriander Seed France Org
Cypress France Org
Eucalyptus, Globulus Portugal Org
Eucalyptus, Lemon Brazil Org
Eucalyptus, Radiata Australia Org
Eucalyptus, Smithi Australia Org
Fennel, Sweet France Org
Fir, Grand France Org
Fir, Silver France Org
Geranium, Bourbon Madagascar Org
Geranium, Rosat Egypt Org
Ginger Sri Lanka Org
Grapefruit Argentina/Israel/Usa Org
Helichrysum France Org
Hyssop France Org
Juniper Berry + Branch France Org
Juniper Berry Central Europe Org
Lavandin, Abrial France Org
Lavandin, Grosso France Org
Lavandin, Super France Org
Lavander (Norm Afnor/Pharmacopea) France/Italy Org
Lavander, Fine Population France/Italy Org
Lavander, Clonal France Org
Lemon Argentina/Israel/Italy Org
Lemongrass Sri Lanka Org
Mandarin, Red Argentina/Israel/Italy Org
Mandarin, Green Brazil Org
Marjoram, Sylvester Spain Org
Marjoram Sweet Org
Melaleuca Alternifolia Australia Org
Melissa / Lemon Balm France/Spain/Italy Org
Mint, Peppermint France/Italy Org
Neroli North Africa Org
Niaouli Madagascar Org
Nutmeg Sri Lanka Org
Orange, Sweet Argentina/Israel/Italy Org
Oregano, Green France Org
Palmarosa Madagascar/Paraguay Org
Patchouli Indonesia Org 
Petitgrain Bigarade North Africa/Paraguay Org
Pine, Black France Org
Pine, Douglas France Org
Pine, Sylvestre France Org
Ravensara, Aromatica Madagascar Org
Rose Iran Organic
Rose Turkey Org
Rosemary, Camphoraecous Spain/Portugal Org
Rosemary, Cineol Morocco Org
Rosemary, Provence France Org
Sage, France Org
Sage, Clary France/Italy Org
Santolina France Org
Savory, Mountain France Org
Spruce, Black Canada Org
Thyme, Linalool France Org
Thyme, Thymol France Org
Thyme, Thymol Spain Org
Turpentine Portugal Org
Verbena Spain/Tunisia Org
Vetiver Madagascar Org
Wintergreen Nepal Org
Ylang Ylang, Complete Madagascar 

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